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visual guides on the path to self-discovery

"the question is not how to connect the dots but where are the dots?" -jack scott, spiritguides author

This overview of the seven SPIRITGuides paths is intended to be used as a general guide for the various paths and how they might function for you.

The paths fall into four generalized classifications.

SPIRITPath 1 is intended to be a single step(s) path. It is generally utilized as a daily inspiration or focus, But can also be utilized as an individual inquiry for one answer or a combination of inquires and options/answers.

SPIRITPath 3, OBSERVER and PARTICIPANT, can be used when you do not have a specific question to start the process, but wish to see where it might take you (an adventure). On the PARTICIPANT path you choose to be the participant and the OBSERVER path you are the observer of your inquiry. Both paths extract a secret/hidden intention from your superconcious.

The circular paths are intended to take you through issues that you find relative to reoccurring event(s) in your life. These paths are SPIRITPath 4 and 5 - Circle of Life. In the 4 - Circle of Life path you perceive yourself as a participant and the 5 - Circle of Life path is used if when you wish to be the observer of reoccurring event(s). These paths also extract a secret/hidden intention from your superconcious and take you through a sequence to an understanding of the wisdom acquired.

The linear paths are 4, 5, and 7 are the most intense. They are used to ask progressive questions and answers to culminate to an option of choices or to a conclusion. SPIRITPath 4 is intended to establish an energy focus (foundation).  SPIRITPath 5 intention is find the tipping point of change (transition). SPIRITPath 7 is for balancing the tipping point (making the change).

More detailed guidance will be shown on each of the SPIRITPath inquiry pages.  Please choose the SPIRITPath layout you'd like from the choices below. You may look at the SPIRITPath layout by clicking on each SPIRITPath .


SPIRITPath 3 - Observer

SPIRITPath 3 - Participant

SPIRITPath 4 - Circle of Life


SPIRITPath 5 - Circle of Life



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