"spiritguides will help you discover the marvel and mystery of the gifts that reside within you and enable you to find that place of silence and focus, so you can make a connection to the knowledge deep within your being." -jack scott, spiritguides author

Love, the first gift from Creator, the gift that connects all things to all.

Jack and Em's Story

The direction began as my wife Emily and I approached out 25th wedding anniversary. Our life had been filled with trial, success, challenge, pressure and abundance. There were always difficult times but the sweetness of the good times overshadowed what often was very traumatic.

The business of my business and Emís teaching had us on separate paths a great deal of the time. We worked hard to find and enjoy our time together.

When our 25th anniversary approached we both wanted to restate and renew our wedding vows with each other. As the date approached I was in California and Em in Pennsylvania. Fortunately (or by some design) we had met a couple in Sedona Arizona, the prior year that had a business creating celebrations. We asked them to prepare a significant event for us.

We arrived in Sedona with some very painful and pressing issues surrounding us and we needed to work hard to keep our spirits up.

The morning of our wedding ceremony was a brilliantly beautiful day. The temperature was in the mid sixtyís with a clear blue sky and a few scattered puffy clouds. A pleasant breeze was out of the west as we drove up to Merry-go-round rock high on Snelby Hill road. We were aware that some mysterious and beautiful things were appearing and happening. I remember the hair on the back of my neck and arms standing on end. Em looked magnificent. Life was good.

The ceremony was graced by the Dineh medicine man Jones Benaly and his family. There was a movie camera, music and a singer, all was being recorded. Our friends, the Mclanes, who created the wedding, were part of the ceremony. As the wedding progressed it was lovingly interrupted by smiles, humor, tears and hugs. We would pause for us and the ceremony to catch up with each other. Then, in one incredibly intense moment, a series of events began that we can recall as if it had just happening moments ago.

 A sound from over our heads raised the attention and excitement of the medicine man, his family and the rest of us. Then, just shortly after the first overhead event came a second sound which echoed across the mountains and valley below us. All present were brought to looking up smiling and pointing. Just as a large Hawk, the first sound, spiraled upward in an air current directly over our heads, a massive Eagle descended in tight circles, below the Hawk crying out his greeting. We were awe struck but did not understand the significance of the events until after the wedding. A reception was held for us that gave Jones Benally the opportunity to relate to us the Dena impression of what had occurred.

Jones related the Hawksí blessing and its message of awareness to us. The Eagle message was that of new beginnings and spiritual synchronicity. Those two creatures are of great significance to native Americans. We had been blessed by the creaturesí presence. We were immensely impressed with our good fortune but had not yet really and fully recognized the significance of the message of those two magnificent creatures and teachers; Hawk and Eagle.

That week as we celebrated our university we came to realize and accept that we had spent very little time together in our 25 years of marriage. In less than one hour on one eventful evening we chose to change our lives to be with each other as much as we could. Our lives had changed in an instant. We were on a new path.

We settled, sold and closed our businesses, rid ourselves of all the extravagant expensive toys in our life and started again on a new direction. It was a new beginning and becoming; we were on our way to a new life.

That new path has been 25 years, in grace, of travel, happiness, adventure, love, challenge and joy. You are seeing here a portion of the development of Discovery Path and the Becoming I Am process.

We trust and hope that you might enjoy our work as much as we have enjoyed developing it for the universe.

Blessings to you and those you Love

~ Emily and Jack Scott and all the physical and Spirit creatures in our life.


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