"spiritguides will help you discover the marvel and mystery of the gifts that reside within you and enable you to find that place of silence and focus, so you can make a connection to the knowledge deep within your being." -jack scott, spiritguides author

The challenge of being human is being silent.


Have you heard the phrase “I had to catch my breath”? You might consider using the following technique, after you’ve caught your breath to settle yourself into a reflective groove.

While practicing the following breathing cycle, clear your mind of all thoughts. If a thought comes in, just quietly tell it “not now”.

You might try letting the background sound be the meditations sound below.

Acknowledge to yourself that you are settling yourself into a conscious awareness mood.

Take a few normal unrushed breaths (6 to 10 breaths usually works for me).

Put your feet flat on the floor (no crossed legs).

Allow your arms to rest at a comfortable position.

Inhale through your nose to a quiet count of three.

Hold your breath to a quiet count of three.

Exhale through your mouth to a quiet count of four, then hold your breath for a quiet count of four.  Feel your shoulders drop as you continue your clearing breaths. Be aware of your body settling into the chair. Allow yourself to settle in mental silence. Repeat in the inhale-exhale cycle 5 times. When you feel you are ready, begin a reading if you choose to do so.

Choose from the list below to play in the background during your meditation:

Meditation #1: 1 min 40 sec visual and audio meditation
Meditation #2: 1 min 50 sec visual and audio meditation
Meditation #3: 3 min 10 sec visual and audio meditation


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