"spiritguides will help you discover the marvel and mystery of the gifts that reside within you and enable you to find that place of silence and focus, so you can make a connection to the knowledge deep within your being." -jack scott, spiritguides author

Visual Guides on the Path to Self Discovery


Discovering your walk: A process of Becoming

On your walk you will find your connections of being and open yourself to the field of all possibilities.

The journey will ignite your potential, move you to your sacred space and manifest your dreams.

This is a self-empowerment process which offers you a means and tools to create questions that, when answered, gives you a new perspective, with options and multiple choices to apply to your needs.

You will keep a journal of your insights and progress on your path to Becoming. 

Step 1: Click here to see a sample Spirit Guide inquiry. We will take you through the process.
Step 2: Choose the layout for your Spirit Guide. See the list and descriptions of the layouts here.
Step 3: Prepare for your journey by going through a meditation.
Step 4: Login (with your email address) and begin your journey.

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