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Birth Totems




Do you know your Birth Totem Animal?

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Each of us is given spirit gifts (totems) at birth to help us discover our path on the "Good Red Road".

We all have the support of powerful animal totems, or energies, associated with our birth dates. DISCOVERYPath offers several opportunities for you to explore the impact these totems have on your journey. Select from the following:

INDIVIDUAL PROFILE ($11, including shipping)
Reveals your function in your birth clan, the attributes and tendencies you share with other clan members, your life-path challenges and lessons, and characteristics particular to your birth totem.

Enter birth date (mm/dd):
Enter name:

PARTNERSHIP PROFILE ($16, including shipping)
Compares individual clan and birth totem characteristics of two people.

Enter birth dates (mm/dd & mm/dd):
Enter names:

GROUP DYNAMICS PROFILE ($21, including shipping)
Compares clan functions and birth totem characteristics of all members of any size group and offers hints for coping with influence of others' energies to optimize the group's talents and increase harmony. This is a valuable tool for workgroups or committees as well as families.
Enter birth dates separated by commas (mm/dd, mm/dd, mm/dd..
Enter group or family name:

Along with the profiles, we have created Birth Totem prints (click here to see designs and to order).


These prints are also available on our Birth Totem Cards.

Do you know your Birth Totem Animal?


1/20 - 2/18 Otter 2/19 - 3/20 Wolf 3/21 - 4/19 Falcon 4/20 - 5/20 Beaver
5/21 - 6/20 Deer 6/21 - 7/21 Woodpecker 7/22 - 8/21 Salmon 8/22 - 9/21 Bear
9/22 - 10/22 Crow 10/23 - 11/22 Snake 11/23 - 12/21 Owl 12/22 - 1/19 Goose

Butterfly (Air) Clan - Otter, Deer, Crow
Frog (Water) Clan - Wolf, Woodpecker, Snake
Hawk (Fire) Clan - Falcon, Salmon, Owl
Turtle (Earth) Clan - Beaver, Bear, Goose

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